OUR NEXT EVENT: Fireworks Extravaganza at Barlows Park Tadley 2 November

Purchase Tickets

Tickets can be purchased by using the button below. All major credit cards accepted and also, you can pay via your PayPal account.

To purchase tickets:

1. Click the down arrow in the box under the title "Buy Loddon Valley Lions Fireworks Tickets".

2. Click on the type of ticket(s) you wish to purchase (e.g. Adult aged 16 +).

3. Click the Add to Cart button. This will transfer you to the PayPal website.

4. In the quantity Box, Click + or - until the correct number of tickets of that type that you wish to purchase is displayed.

5. If that is all the tickets you wish to purchase, Click either the yellow PayPal Checkout button to pay with your PayPal account or, the grey Checkout button to pay by Credit Card or,

6. If you wish to purchase further tickets of a different type, Click "Continue Shopping", towards the top right of the page.

7. This will return you to this page of the Loddon Valley Lions Website. 

8. Select the next category of ticket(s) you require and Click Add to Cart.

9. Repeat stages 4 and 5 and if necessary stage 6.

10. After clicking the checkout button, you will be transferred to PayPal's Payment Page, where you should proceed as instructed.

11. Print and keep your confirmation/receipt. THIS MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE GATE as evidence of payment, otherwise you will be required to pay again.

12. Enjoy yourself on the evening of 2 November.

Buy Loddon Valley Lions Fireworks Tickets