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About Us - What we stand for
How to Become a Member - How to join Lions
Lions Clubs Purposes and Ethics - Lions Clubs objectives and the Code of Ethics by which they are achieved
Our Supporters - Those who have helped us
Recycling unwanted Spectacles and Hearing Aids - How we help the Developing World by recycling unwanted Spectacles and Hearing Aids
Social Events - Examples of our Social Activities
The Area We Serve -
Charity Golf Day 2015 - Details of our Charity Golf Day on 7 September
Contact Us - Feedback welcome
Events - Calendar of events
Annual Golf Day - Golf Day
Easter Egg Raffles - Raffles for Giant Easter Eggs
Father Christmas - Father Christmas Tours of Loddon Valley December
Highlights of YesterYear - Some of our past events
Tadley Treacle Fair -
Home - Welcome
A Message from our President - A message from our President to you about Loddon Valley Lions
Donate to us online - Donations via Paypal
Join Loddon Valley Lions - Details of how to become a Member
Lions Rap Video - All about Lions; set to Music
Loddon Valley Day Care Centre - Details of the Loddon Valley Day Care Centre
Navigating this Site - Tips on navigating this site and associated links
The Lions Story - A 15 Minute Video about the Lions of the British Isles and Ireland
Lions Links - Links to our International; National and District Organisations and to our neighbouring Lions Clubs
LVLC News - News of recent Club Events
Message in a Bottle - Details of the Lions Message in a Bottle Scheme
Where Can I get the Bottle - Details of locations from which Message in a Bottle can be obtained
OCTOBER SWIMARATHON - Details of Loddon Valley Lions Swimarathon in October 2015
Serving the Community - How we serve our Community & How to get our help
Fund Raising - Where our money comes from
Where the Money Goes - How we have supported our Community
TADLEY TREACLE FAIR 2015 - Details of the 2015 Tadley Treacle Fair Weekend
Arena Events - Details of Activities in the Main Arena
Childrens Area - Details of Activities in the Childrens Area at the Treacle Fair
Exhibitor Details - Details of Charity; Craft; Trade & Other Exhibitors at the Treacle Fair
Loddon Valley Lions Attractions - Details of activities provided by Loddon Valley Lions
Other Attractions - Details of other attractions at this year.s Treacle Fair
Our Sponsors - Details of those who have sponsored various activities or items at this year's Treacle Fair
Saturday Evening - Special Kinda Madness - Tribute Bands - Detailsof the Saturday Evening Event
Treacle Fair Map - Map of the Treacle Fair Field


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