Join Loddon Valley Lions

Do you have a little time you could give to the community by helping us? If some of our best loved local events, such as our Treacle Fair and Father Christmas Tours are to continue, we need more help in putting them on. If you feel you could help at one or more of our events, use our 'Contact Us Page', by Clicking Here, leave your contact details and we will contact you to discuss how you could become a 'Friend of Loddon Valley Lions' (see more below). Alternatively if you feel you could become a little more fully involved by becoming a full member of Loddon Valley Lions, again please use our 'Contact Us Page' and someone will get back to you to discuss what is involved. Sadly, without more help, some of our events may have to be curtailed or, may die completely, severely restricting our ability to support our local community and, the wider world in the way we have over the past 35 years. Please Click Here for more Information

 Please help us 'Ordinary People' to continue achieving 'Amazing Things'.

Friends of Loddon Valley Lions

These are people (male and female) who are prepared to help at one or more of our events, but cannot commit sufficient time to being a fully fledged Lion. Such people are welcome to attend any of our meetings and have their say, but cannot participate in the decision making process. These people will also be welcome at any or all of our social events. By becoming a Friend of Loddon Valley Lions, you will be helping

'Ordinary People' to achieve 'Amazing Things' to the benefit of our Local Community and the Wider World.

Ordinary People
Amazing Things