Loddon Valley Lions Grant Making Policy

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Loddon Valley Lions Club (CIO) Grant Making Policy Issue 1 Adopted by the Club 18 July 2018

1. Policy

It is the Club's policy to apply funds in accordance with the terms of the Clubs' Constitution and By-Laws and to make grants to causes where the Club believes that its contribution will make a difference. The Club will only make grants in furtherance of its charitable objects and will generally apply a major part of its funds to local charitable needs with the remaining funds for international and other good causes. International aid will normally be given in support of causes promoted by Lions Clubs International, and those supported by the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). 

The Club may also support LCIF and our National Lions Disaster Fund (MD Disaster Fund) in cases of natural disasters such as tsunami, flooding and earthquakes. Grants to International causes may also be made in cases where the Club is satisfied that there is evidence that the money would be used to support charitable needs rather than funding administration or other costs. 

The Club would not normally support applications from large national charities (unless it is from and for local branch use where there is a defined benefit to local people) or charities dedicated to issues deemed by the Club to be already well funded. The Club is prepared to work with other local charitable organisations' to fund initiatives beyond the financial scope of a single organisation. It should be noted that if Trustees or Club members have an interest or link to any organisation applying for funds, then this association should be disclosed by the member, who would not be expected to take part in any vote to approve the grant.

2. General

The club receives requests for funds from many local organisations each year (e.g. schools, local charities, local authority departments, local individuals, etc) and it is the policy of the club that unless there are exceptional circumstances only those appeals made in advance of expenditure are to be considered. The Club will consider each application for support, whether from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants on their own merits and whilst the Club will have regard to the outcome of previous grants, any new application will not receive preferential or adverse consideration.

3. Implementation

The Club has established a Community Services Committee (CSC) (sometimes referred to as the Welfare Committee) and this is the primary mechanism for determining the fair distribution of the Club's charitable aid and services to local, national and international programmes. The aid provided may include both the physical and financial resources of the club. The Chairman of CSC will be a trustee of the club who will produce and maintain minutes of meetings and actions where appropriate and provide copies to the Club secretary. The CSC will only be made up from Club members in good standing and will deal with routine and emergency aid applications and where necessary identify the leader of special charitable projects. 

The CSC will meet once per month and will assess all appeals, which should normally be made to the Club in writing, for charitable assistance whether in cash or kind. Under the guidance of the CSC Chair, the committee will consider all applications for grants and will generally give priority to those within the Club's operating area, and will check to ensure that the application meets the basic criteria for funding. Grants will be considered at CSC meetings and a written response detailing the outcome of their application for funding will be provided to all applicants. 

The Club will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should the application be unsuccessful, however the importance of feedback is recognized and where appropriate suitable comment will be provided to the applicant. Applicants should note that the Club receives many applications and that even if a project satisfies the criteria and priorities of the Club and a detailed assessment has been made, the Club may be unable to provide the grant. 

In an emergency or other urgent situation, the CSC is authorised to 'commit' up to £250 to any individual appeal without prior notification to the Club, but must notify the Club at the next Trustee and Business meetings. All non-emergency/urgent appeals and those in excess of £250 and recommended by the CSC shall be notified to the club prior to the next Business meeting for consideration and proposed to the business meeting. 

Most successful applicants (excepting cases of individual hardship) will be expected to provide feedback detailing progress and a final statement of how the grant monies have been invested, this may be in writing or to take the opportunity to visit the Club to deliver a personal report or where appropriate allow Club representatives to visit the applicant to view the progress/success of the project. The Club will seek applicants' approval to the use of their information and project details for publicity purposes, including on-line, in print and otherwise. The Chairman of the CSC will provide a report to the Board of Trustees and to the Club business meeting. Such report should normally be in written form.

4. General requirements

Applicants should generally provide the following details

If the grant is made by the Club, the following conditions will apply:

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, applicants are required to consent to the use of personal data supplied by them in the processing and reviewing their application. This includes transfer to and use by such individuals and organizations, as the Trustees deem appropriate. The Club requires the assurance of the applicant that personal data about any other individual is supplied to the Club with his/her consent. At the point of submitting application, applicants are asked to confirm this consent and assurance.

5. Applications for Grants

Initial contact with the Club may be made by clicking here and providing as much information as possible, including that specified in section 4 above or, by telephone on 0345 833 7494. If necessary, attachments (word or pdf format only) may be added to your request.

Please be advised that we will NEVER ask anyone seeking a grant or assaistance from Loddon Valley Lions Club to make any payment to secure such grant or assistance.

Anyone contacting you by telephone, by letter, electronically (email) or by any other means and offering a grant or assistance from Loddon Valley Lions Club or any other Lions Club or Lions Clubs International in exchange for a fee or advance payment to secure that grant or assistance is doing so fraudulently and you should NOT proceed with the matter.