Social Events

All members give their time and assistance voluntarily and without financial reward. This hard work is complemented by a number of social events, where we can relax in the company of our like minded colleagues and their families.

Such Events have included:

         Traveling suppers.

         Quiz Nights.

         Beetle Drives

         Visit to Watercress Line for lunch and train ride.

         Theatre trips.

         Formal Dinner Dances.

         Informal dances/Barn Dances.

         Visits to local Industrial Complexes.

         River Cruises.

         Skittle evenings.


         Light hearted competitions with other Lions Clubs.

Our club meetings are intended to conduct serious club business such as Finances, forthcoming events in Lions clubs, social service and fund raising activities, but we are also noted for our light hearted approach, and our members also see our meetings as an occasion to get together and have fun.