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Serving the Community

Obtaining our help

Many of the requests for our support come from the Citizens Advice Bureau or Social Services. Individual direct requests sometimes come via a member of our club, through other Lions clubs or the Lions Clubs organization. This list is by no means fully comprehensive. If you think we might be able to help you, or someone or some organization that you know of, please use the form on our contact us page. Your query will be referred to our Welfare Committee who carefully assess requests for funding and other assistance, and where applicable recommend these to the whole club for debate and approval.

Please be advised that we will NEVER ask anyone seeking a grant from Loddon Valley Lions to make any payment to secure such a grant.

Anyone contacting you by telephone, by letter, electronically (email) or by any other means and offering a grant from Loddon Valley Lions Club or any other Lions Club or Lions Clubs International, in exchange for a fee or advance payment to secure that grant is doing so fraudulently, and you should NOT proceed with the matter. 

The list below gives an idea of the types of support we have given previously.Lion-Centennial-Banner
Our local Social Service activities have included:

Practical assistance for the blind, the handicapped and the elderly.

Assistance to families or individuals in distress.

Provision of equipment for hospitals, Health Centres and ambulances.

Provision of  furniture from our Lions Community furniture store

Assisting elderly people with house moves

Provision of Drug Awareness teaching aids for schools.

Running events that benefit the social life of the local community.

Provision of specialised equipment for the handicapped and their schools.

Provision of equipment for Youth organisations.

Sponsorship of Medic Alert Bracelets and Necklaces. 

Sponsorship of "Message in a Bottle" If you feel you need a bottle, please contact us or telephone 0845 833 7494.

 All of the above are examples of how as 'Ordinary People' we can achieve 'Amazing Things'