OUR NEXT EVENT: Father Christmas Tours of the Loddon Valley Lions area. Details of the December visits can be found by clicking the Father Christmas Tours heading below

For results and pictures of our Childrens Colouring Competition 2018.

Father Christmas Tours of Loddon Valley

Each year, Father Christmas and his elves tour the Loddon Valley Lions area, bringing joy to children young and old! The tours usually commence around the 1st December and continue through to 23rd December (excluding Sundays).

Father Christmas on his Sleigh

Tours normally commence:

and continue through until about 8:30-8:45pm each evening.

We will deliver leaflets to around 14,000 homes in our area, setting out the tour programme. The leaflet will also contain a Childrens' Colouring Competition and further copies of this can be downloaded from this site from about mid November onwards. Also at this time, full details of the programme will be available, showing which streets will be visited on each evening.

During his tours, Father Christmas is always keen to collect any unused spectacles and hearing aids you may have, so please save these up during the year and hand them to Father Christmas during his tours. The spectacles are refurbished at a factory in Le Havre which is wholly owned by the Lions Clubs of France. Following refurbishment, the spectacles are distributed by Lions in countries of the developing world, where the cost of such items is often beyond the financial reach of many people. Thus, through this project many people are able to enjoy the gift of near normal vision, who would not otherwise have had such an opportunity. The hearing aids are refurbished in this country and, similarly distributed by Lions in countries of the developing world.

Christmas 2016

Thankyou Loddon Valley - over 11,000 collected during Father Christmas's tours of the Loddon Valley Lions area.

Father Christmas in Meitner Close, Bramley

This has been used to support our Christmas activities in the area, including:

* The distribution of over 100 Christmas Parcels to the elderly, the sick and the lonely in our area
* Support to local homes for the elderly for their Christmas activities
* Support to local Childrens homes in our area for their Christmas activities
* Distribution of toys to local disadvantaged children
All this money has or will be spent LOCALLY. We thank the public for their generosity which has helped bring a little cheer into the lives of so many at this special time of the year, demonstrating how 'Ordinary People' can achieve 'Amazing Things'.
Thankyou also for the several hundred used spectacles you donated to provide the gift of near normal sight to those in developing countries of the world and for the used hearing aids which will be refurbished and similarly donated to those in the developing world.

Childrens Christmas Colouring Competition

To see the results of our Christmas coluring competition and, the winning pictures, Please Click Here.

Our Thanks to:Father Christmas in Rectory Close, Tadley

Elm Park Garden Centre, for help in providing some of the Float Decorations (Click Here for Information), Allsoprint for their help in designing our leaflet (Click Here for more Information) Gabriella Peel for designing the template for the Childrens Colouring Competition