Track Santa

When Santa is out and about on route, his location can be tracked in real time, by clicking the link alongside the 'Santa is Here' picture. This link will ONLY work while Santa is actually on tour, and the background colour in the 'Track Santa' box is GREEN

Some browsers may open the link in an intermediate Google Maps page. If this happens to you, Click the 'Open' button on that page to open the map.
If when the map opens, the message 'This person is no longer sharing their location' is displayed, it means that Santa has completed his tour for that evening.

Santa is Here

Santa will be outside Sainsbury's, Tadley from about 9am Saturday Morning until about 1:00pm.


This link will go live and the box turn GREEN once Santa's tour has started

The tracker may not update frequently or, give Santa's correct location if the quality of the 4G phone signal is poor at Santa's actual location. If Santa is shown as being in the same location for more than ~ 20 minutes, it is probable that the tracker is not updating. We apologise for this, but the technology is not ours!