Tadley Treacle Fair 2021 Exhibitor Application Forms

Stand Availability


The 2021TadleyTreacle Fair will be held at Saunders Fields in Tadley RG26 4FF on Sunday 5 September. 

If you are interested in exhibiting at this year's event, please click the relevant link in the Bookings, Fees & Forms section below, to download an application form. Availability is indicated in the panel, right.

Bookings for Craft and Trade Exhibitors

The busy Craft MarqueeCraft and Trade forms, need to be downloaded and submitted to the organisers together with the appropriate remittance, by post to the address given on the relevant form. Cheques should be maade payable to Loddon Valley Lions Club. We regret that we have no facility to accept bookings and payments online. Acknowledgements will only be sent to those supplying either a valid email address or, a stamped addressed envelope. Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link below under the paragraph headed Booking Fees & Forms.

Craft Stands will be accommodated in the Craft Marquee and a limited number of tables may be available for hire, provided these are pre-booked. Space for Jewellery Stands in the Craft Marquee is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link in the Booking Fees & Forms section below.

Trade stands will be outdoors and exhibitors must supply their own shelter, chairs tables, power source, etc. if required. We regret that we are unable to accept bookings for Trade Stands which will carry out catering activities or from Sweet/Confectionery/Ice Cream vendors and the like. If you would like to exhibit, please click the relevant link in the Booking Fees & Forms section below to download an application form.

Bookings for Charity and Vintage Exhibitors

These forms may be downloaded (see Booking Fees & Forms section below), completed and returned electronically by emailing a scanned image of the signed application form or, by post. Email and postal addresses are supplied on the relevant form. Acknowledgements will only be sent to those supplying either a valid email address or, a stamped addressed envelope. All these stands are sited externally and exhibitors must supply their own chairs tables, power source, etc. if required. Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link below under the heading Bookings, Fees & Forms.

Charity Stands are approximately 15ft square, and are intended to allow local charitable and other not for profit organisations the opportunity to raise funds for their cause and/or raise public awareness of their activities. Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

General Terms and Conditions specific to all exhibitors:

  1. Exhibitors are advised to have their own public liability insurance and where appropriate product insurance.
  2. By signing the declaration on the Booking Form, exhibitors:
  •  indemnify the organisers against damage or claims caused by themselves, their property, etc,
  • accept responsibility for complying with all relevant Health, Safety and Hygiene regulations and legislation and for ensuring that all goods exhibited including packaging, labelling, etc. comply with all relevant UK legislation, regulations and EC directives,
  • will comply with all reasonable requests from the organisers in respect of any action required to ensure the health, safety and welfare of themselves, the organisers and members of the public.

3. Loddon Valley Lions can give no guarantee that any request for a stand in a specific location within the Craft Marquee or elsewhere on the Treacle Fair Site can be met, but wherever possible, will use their best endeavours to meet such requests on a first come first served basis.

4. In the event of cancellation by the organisers, all monies paid to the organisers by the exhibitor shall be refunded by the organisers to the exhibitor. The organisers accept no liability for any other loss arising from the cancellation of this event. In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor, all or part of any monies paid may be refunded at the discretion of the organisers. This will be dependent on whether the organisers are able to re-let the space booked.

5. The event will be open to the public between the hours of 11am and 5pm. The field will be available for exhibitors to set up from 8am and exhibitors undertake to be clear of the venue and have removed all refuse from the Falcon Fields Site by 6pm. Exhibitors may set up the previous day, by prior arrangement with the organisers however, neither Loddon Valley Lions, the land owner or their agents will accept any liability for the safety and/or security of property, equipment, etc. left at the venue overnight or for any damage to same, howsoever caused.

6. Exhibitors will be expected to supply and erect their own stand in time for the fair to open to the public from 11am, by which time all accompanying vehicles MUST be removed to the Car Park. (Stallholders must provide their own shelter, tables and chairs).

7. Loddon Valley Lions are unable to provide an electrical supply to Charity Stands or to Trade Stands however, exhibitors are welcome to provide their own supply.

8. It is a condition of the acceptance of bookings, that exhibitors undertake not to run any form of Lottery/Tombola or engage in any catering activities resulting in sales to the public.

9. By signing an application form for a stand, exhibitors authorise Loddon Valley Lions Club to use the data provided on that form for the purposes of keeping them informed about the upcoming event and future Tadley Treacle Fairs until such time after the upcoming event that an exhibitor may notify Loddon Valley Lions otherwise. This information will not be shared by third parties, other than your name and/or organisation and/or website URL being published and linked from the Loddon Valley Lions Website.

Additional terms and conditions specific to exhibitors of Vintage Vehicles.

By signing the declaration on the entry form, exhibitors agree to the following Terms and Conditions, in addition to the general terms and conditions specified above:
1. During the whole period of the Treacle Fair exhibits shall be covered:

  • By Full Third Party Risks (including Boiler Explosion if applicable).
  • By Board of Trade Boiler Certificates (if applicable)

2. Exhibitors agree to produce Insurance documents and evidence of boiler inspection to any official representative of the organisers if requested to do so.
3. If, for any reason, Insurance Policies are not in force or void, Exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers of the Tadley Treacle Fair free from any claim for accidental damage or personal injury whatsoever, caused by their exhibit(s) or drivers and crew thereof whilst taking part in the Tadley Treacle Fair or journeying to and from that event.

Booking Fees & Forms

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