Tadley and Heath End, Bishopswood Road to Sheridan Crescent.

Tuesday 20th December: Meet Father Christmas outside the Bishopswood Road Shops at about 5:45pm until he moves off at 6pm to:

Bishopswood Road (shops to Huntsmoor Road), Wigmore Road, Hartshill Road, Inhurst Way, Shyshack Lane, Landseer Court, Heath End Road (Pinks Lane to Heath End Village Hall), Heath End Farm, Lakelands, Wellington Crescent, Douro Close, Mornington Crescent, Wildwood Drive, Bishopswood Lane (Heath End Village Hall to Huntsmoor Road), Sheridan Crescent & Offshoots, Adam Close, Chippendale Close, Hepplewhite Close.

Tadley Bishopswood Rd to Sheridan Crescent

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