Barlows Road to Community Centre

Friday 2nd December: Meet Father Christmas outside the Bishopswood Schools at about 5:15pm, until he moves off at 5:30pm to:

Part 1: Barlows Road, Hythe Close, Hinton Close, Burnley Close, Cheriton Close, Droxford Crescent, Ropley Close, Guttridge Lane, The Oaks, The Warren, Sarisbury Close and Offshoots, See below for Part 2.

Bwood to Comm Ctr (1)

Part 2: Purbrook Road, Ashurst Close, Bordon Close, Greywell Close, Selbourne Walk, The Copse, Mount Pleasant (Southdown Road to Pleasant Hill), Mount Pleasant Drive, Carrington Crescent, Newtown (South of Barrier [Mount Pleasant to Barrier]), The Beeches, Southdown Road, Huntsmoor Road (Southdown Road to Whitedown Road), Whitedown Road, Beavers Close, Benham Place (Not highlighted on Map), Searing Way.

Bwood to Comm Ctr (2)

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