Bramley Green

Saturday 3rd December: Meet Father Christmas outside The Bramley at about 4:15pm, until he moves off at 4:30pm to:

Lane End, Pond Road, Bramley Green Road, Oliver's Close, Beech Close, Pigeon's Close, Yew Tree Close, Holly Close, Forge Close, St Mary's Avenue, Bartlett Close, St Barbaras Close, The Limes, Woodland Drive, The Mews, Oak Lea Gardens, Deerfield Close, Holman Close, Wallis Drive, Sims Close, For Part 2, please see below.

Bramley Green (1)

Part 2: St James Close, Taylor Drive, St Marks Close, German Road, St John Close, Kirby Drive, Becket Gardens, Hills Way, Walsh Road, Garside Close.

Bramley Green (2)

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