Tadley, New Inn to Reading Warehouses

Thursday 9th December, 5:45pm for move off from the New Inn at 6:00pm to:

Tunworth Mews, Tunworth Court, Rowan Road, Pamber Heath Road, (West Street to Hamble Drive), Hamble Drive, Broadoak, Portiswood Close, Sympson Road, Arnewood Avenue, West Street & Offshoots (Bowmonts Road to The Orchard), Westfield Close, The Orchard, Bowmonts Road, Lake Court, Brook Green, Hylton Court, Spiers Close, Giles Road, Rowan Close, Brookside Walk, Stephens Road & Offshoots, New Road (A340 to Reading Warehouses), Elmhurst. 

New Inn Rdg Warehouses

 We regret, that for safety reasons, we are unable to stop on the A340.

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